The key to successful commercialisation and effective commercial management is understanding your offering and its market. The characteristics of the offering and the market and conditions into which it is sold will ultimately define the shape and scope of the contract as well as the acceptable contractual risks.
Understanding your offering in a commercial context

How has the product been developed? How does it stand out from your competitors?

You’ll need to work with stakeholders to understand what resources are required, what supply chain is involved and most importantly, how the offering has been priced.

You’ll also need to understand how the contract fits in with the overall business strategy, the strategic importance of the customer and contract, and the regulatory framework relating to the product and the authorisations.

Understanding the market

This is a key factor which shapes contractual negotiations. Is the product an established product in the market or a new one? Does it distinguish itself from the competition?

A thorough understanding of competitor activity and market conditions will ultimately define the negotiation room.

We can offer support, training and advice in the following key areas…

The Big Idea

The first step is defining and presenting your product or service offerings and understanding what makes them unique


Ensuring you have the freedom to operate and develop your products without infringing existing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Protect Yourself

Using Non-Disclosure Agreements, marking and labelling of documents, registering and protecting your IPR


Understanding how to price your products and services, pricing models, cost bases and defining your margins


Understanding and managing your supply chain, working with industry bodies and regulators using representatives.

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