We provide tailor made training on all aspects of the contracting lifecycle. We can develop bespoke tools, templates and processes for your organisation as well as drafting contract terms and supporting negotiations.

Contractual Document Preparation and Review

We can help with drafting and reviewing a range of contractual documents including bid submissions, contractual terms and conditions and other contract documents such as change orders, variation agreements and settlement agreements.

Consultancy Services and Commercial Processes

We also support organisations with day-to-day and strategic commercial and contract Management activities, be it creating business cases, formulating negotiation strategies or developing contract management tools and processes. For each of the 5 contracting steps, we are able to support your organisation with advice, tools & templates to embed and develop optimal Commercial & Contract Management.

Training Courses

We deliver training courses and seminars on a range of Commercial and Contract Management topics including Commercial Awareness, Commercial Risk Management, Bid Strategy & Management (Sales Strategy, Writing Business Plans, Drafting Proposals), Protecting and Managing Intellectual Property, Negotiation Skills as well training on contractual issues such as Confidentiality, Product Liability, Late Delivery and Termination.

All of our consultancy services and training courses are developed on a bespoke basis for the businesses we work with. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your business products, services and strategy and allows us to provide the most effective processes and training to support your organisation.

We understand the challenges faced by start-ups, developing business and SMEs and want to share the journey with you. Our fees are based on the size and development stage of your business. Our goal is to provide training and assistance on an affordable basis which will help your business grow.

We are here to help your business grow and thrive

We are here to help you navigate the Commercial & Contracting worlds, whether that is by preparing and reviewing documentation, providing consultancy services or offering training. We tailor our work to suit your business and your needs. By first gaining an understanding of your offering and strategy we can provide you with more effective processes and training.
Our goal is to enable your business to grow by giving you the support you need in an affordable way.