We can help your business to evaluate contract opportunities, exploring feasibility and identifying risk exposure, to ultimately help you decide whether the opportunity is worth pursuing. We can assist with bid writing and bid evaluation tools which will help you respond to the customer and identify alternative solutions.
Bid Management

Before negotiation and contract signature, sound bid management requires financial analysis, the identification and evaluation of acceptable risk and stakeholder engagement. We can support and provide tools for the formulation of business cases (including costing and pricing), risk management, determining commercial principles and proposal development.

The key to successful negotiation

The key to successful negotiation is preparation. As well as supporting you in the negotiation process, we can also help your business to develop contracting principles which will provide the framework for the negotiation, develop negotiation strategies and identify acceptable contractual positions and key risks. We can also help you decide who needs to be involved in the negotiating, approval and decision-making processes.

We can offer support, training and advice in the following key areas…


Knowing your customer and understanding compliance and the regulatory framework

Document Writing

Whether it's a Business Case, Bid or Proposal - we can help you put together a successful document

Managing Risk

Identifying and managing Contractual and Commercial Risk


Managing the procurement and bid process


Preparing for Contract negotiations, developing negotiating strategy and defining Contract principles

Terms & Conditions

Developing and understanding Terms and Conditions for B2B and B2C deliveries, standard and bespoke products and services

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