What is commercial contracting? – Part 2: Understanding the Market

The second key factor which will shape contractual negotiations is the nature of the market and market conditions into which the product or service is to be sold. The strength of the businesses’ position in the market as well in the strength of the customer’s position in that market will also define the room for […]

What is commercial contracting? – Part 1: Understanding the Product

Commercial contracting means understanding a contract in the whole of its commercial context. A contract document can be perfectly drafted from a legal perspective but if it bears no reflection to the overall commercial deal or actual relationship between the parties, then it may have consequences for the business. Commercial contracting is the process of […]

What and who is the Commercial Toolkit? Our aims and values

The Commercial Toolkit was formed by Emma Blake and Rhian Thomas – two Commercial and Contract Management specialists who met whilst working for a global, FTSE100 company before becoming independent consultants. Based in Norway (Emma) and Wales (Rhian), the Commercial Toolkit brings both together to offer a comprehensive portfolio of Commercial and Contract Management support […]