What and who is the Commercial Toolkit? Our aims and values

2 September 2021



The Commercial Toolkit was formed by Emma Blake and Rhian Thomas – two Commercial and Contract Management specialists who met whilst working for a global, FTSE100 company before becoming independent consultants.

Based in Norway (Emma) and Wales (Rhian), the Commercial Toolkit brings both together to offer a comprehensive portfolio of Commercial and Contract Management support – be it in the form of consultancy, formulating tools, templates and processes and/or Commercial & Contract Management training.

Our aim is to support small and medium sized businesses to develop the skills needed to effectively negotiate, win and manage contracts. Although our own backgrounds are in manufacturing (Marine and Aerospace) our services are applicable to all organisations – traditional, newly-emerging and creative – we do not exclusively operate in one industry – we seek and offer diversity and range in and to our clients. As entrepreneurs, we are empathetic to the challenges faced by smaller businesses and have experience working with start-ups, technology transfer companies and with SMEs who are in their growth phase.

We understand that larger organisations have internal Contracting Experts, Commercial Managers or in-house Counsel who can assist with the contracting process. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, do not necessarily have the financial or internal resources to develop internal commercial and contracting expertise. We seek to bridge this gap by providing approachable commercial and contract training, tools and resources to smaller businesses, to help develop their own internal expertise and processes. In doing so, we enable SMEs to identify and manage contractual risks and negotiate contracts more effectively. We place great emphasis on providing a friendly and approachable service, in plain language (be it English, Welsh or Norwegian!).