Considerations when drafting a Proposal or Bid

2 September 2021


Winning Contracts

Some thoughts on increasing the probability of bid success…

Successful bidders are those who understand the context behind what is asked for in the proposal, they are able to understand the customer and identify their ‘hot buttons’ – these are the customer’s issues (strategic, operational or financial concerns) and motivators (what is prompting the customer to act). Responding specifically, rather than generically to the customer’s requirements demonstrates this awareness and creates confidence that you will be a collaborative and compliant supplier. Tailoring your proposal to the opportunity rather than submitting a generic copy/paste of a previous tender is imperative.

A winning proposal is one which clearly articulates the added value and benefits that you will bring. Using examples of previous work and past experiences is a powerful tool. It enables you to neutralise your competitors’ strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

But ultimately, successful organisations are those which display sound judgement in being selective about the bids they pursue, preserving energy and resources for the opportunities that really matter. Good bid management is not just a proposal drafting exercise, it also encompasses sound financial analysis and the identification and evaluation of potential risk.

The Commercial Toolkit is able to support your organisation with all aspects of Bid Management including business case evaluation, risk analysis and developing bids and proposals. Contact us for further details.